Tobacco Facts
¨400,000 people die in the United States every year from tobacco related illness ¨ 8 out of 10 smokers start smoking by the age of 18 ¨ Most young children, by the age of 5 can recognize the Joe Camel character ¨ Secondhand smoke kills over 53,000 non-smokers every year ¨ The tobacco companies spend 9 million dollars every day advertising and promoting a product that, when used as intended, kills ¨ The average age of initiation to tobacco products is about 13 years old ¨ Exposure to other people’s smoke increases the risk of developing lung cancer ¨ Children of smokers have a greater chance of developing certain illnesses such as colds, ear infections bronchitis and pneumonia and asthma ¨ Chewing tobacco causes oral diseases including cancer of the head, mouth, neck, and heart disease ¨ One can of snuff contains three times the nicotine of a pack of cigarettes ¨ Cigars can contain up to 70 times as much nicotine as cigarettes ¨ Secondhand cigar smoke is more poisonous than the secondhand smoke from cigarettes (emissions form one cigar exceed those from three cigarettes)
Second Hand Smoke

Goal: Decrease secondhand smoke exposure. Where there are strong policies that protect people from the effects of secondhand smoke, there is a drop in smoking prevalence.

Our Activities:

  • Apartment Owner Policies
  • AB-13 -- California Clean Air Act
  • Cessation Program
  • Protecting Common Outdoor Areas / Tenants' Units from Secondhand Smoke
  • Smoke-free Cars and Homes for Daycare Kids

To report a smoking violation, use our on-line form at Report a Smoking Violation or call the Tobacco Control Program at (951) 358-4977.

For more information about California laws governing the above topics, please visit
Public Health Law & Policy.

Countering Tobacco Influences

Goal: TCP’ s goal is to achieve tobacco-free communities by enacting local policies to reduce adult/youth exposure to tobacco advertising and alternative sponsorship. This section also includes a tobacco cessation program.

Our Activities:

  • Merchant Education & Voluntary Policies to Change Tobacco Advertising